Preschool Staff

Busy Bee Preschool teaching philosophies include inquiry instruction and cooperative, problem-based, explorative learning in the effort to motivate and support the ability to analyze, understand, and apply information through both teacher-directed and self-directed interaction, with an emphasis on the importance of citizenship.

Michele Worton Caillier established the Busy Bee Preschool in 1998.  She has a background within special education and completed her Masters degree in Education with a specialization in Early Childhood Education.  Michele loves “hands-on” learning, her personal interactions with students and their families and working with the outstanding teachers at Busy Bee.  Interests include music, arts, crafts, and outdoor activities with her husband, daughter, sons, and extended family.

Bil Caillier loves working with children and youth.  He served our country as a medic in the National Guard, completed his Masters in Education with specialization in English Language Learners and has coached volleyball in a variety of arenas ranging from elementary-aged club teams to the University level. He is currently the Head Coach at Kentwood High School and also coaches competitive club volleyball.  Bil’s passions include youth, volleyball, and his wife and three beautiful children

Lois Worton graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. She has taught within the public school system, owned and operated Children’s Friend Preschool, and worked within the Boy Scouts of America organization. Lois has 7 children, 22 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She enjoys quilting, gardening and family activities.

Busy Bee Preschool maintains a small staff of dedicated teachers. We also welcome and work with student teachers who are interested in pursuing child education.

Tel: (253) 288-1842 or Toll Free 844-644-BEES (2337)

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